setting up your chatrbell smart doorbell system is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Setting up at home with a Flare

Allow people to call on you with Chatrbell as well as call on others.

Download the Chatrbell app from the App Store.

Make sure you have your Flare with you and that your Bluetooth is turned on.

Please also allow location services.

Select ‘Get Started’ in the app.

Create your Chatrbell ID, your password and please input your email.

You will be asked to connect to your Flare.

A number will appear when you are in range of your Flare.

Simply click on the number and press Connect.

Success! You are connected to your Flare and will be taken into the app.

The first person to connect to a Flare will be the administrator of that Flare, with the ability to add or remove other residents.

When you are in the app

There are 3 parts to the app: Settings, Conversations and the Doorbell.

In settings you can…

Search for other people’s IDs so you can chat them

See what Flare you are attached to in My Flares. Here you can also add more Flares if you wish.

Click on your Flare’s ID to see which residents are also attached; click on the + to add more residents (only an administrator can add more residents).

In Conversations you can chat to people just like you would with any other chat or text app.

To ring people’s doorbells simply click the Doorbell section (see ‘How to ring somebody’s doorbell’.)

Setting up as a caller with no Flare…

You want to call on people but do not use Chatrbell at your home or office.

Download the Chatrbell app from the App Store.

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on.

Please also allow location services.

Follow the steps as per the above set-up, but when you are asked to connect to a Flare simply click Skip.

How to ring somebody’s doorbell:

When you’re in range of somebody’s Flare outside their house or building, their ID will appear in your app with a green doorbell next to it. Simply press this doorbell and await their response!

If there are lots of residents in a large building, use the Search for residents field at the top, to narrow your search.

You will see the doorbell is ringing and you can simply wait for their answer. The response will either pop up on your device or they’ll start a live chat with you to find out more.

If you are using Chatrbell for Enterprise, you will be prompted to enter your name and company name. This will log your visit to save time and paperwork at reception! You will only need to enter your details the first time; the fields will be filled in automatically from then on.

Answering your doorbell

When your device tells you your doorbell is ringing, simply answer with a positive or negative reply, or start a live chat conversation if you want to find out more.

It’s as simple and easy as that! But if you have any problems or questions please contact us and we will help you as quickly as possible!