chatrbell is a smart doorbell system, allowing you to ring smarter, deliver goods smarter, visit and check in smarter.

say hello. smarter.

What does it do?

  • Announce your arrival in style!

    With Chatrbell you can ring doorbells from your smartphone. We are even working on a smart watch version!

  • No more noisy doorbells

    Instead of the doorbell ringing, setting the dogs off or waking up the children, your smart device will notify you of a visitor. You can see exactly who is calling and you can chat to them live!

  • Attach your Flare

    All you need is our free app and a Flare, which sticks to the inside of your door. The Flare allows visitors to see who they’re calling for.

  • Just click to get started

    Once you have the Chatrbell app you just need to set up your unique ID. Then you just link to your Flare with a simple click and you’re ready to go! You can add as many residents to your Flare as you like.

  • Considerate visiting

    The Flare allows visitors to see residents and contact the person they wanted to see without disturbing anyone else!

  • Convenience and security

    Chatrbell means convenience and security for you at home. You can choose who to answer your door to, from wherever you are in the house. You can even answer your door from anywhere in the world!

How Does it Work?

A smart doorbell is not a new concept, so what makes us different?

Chatrbell uses a live chat instead of video.

We do not think current video doorbells offer reliable sound or picture quality. Can you really see who’s on your doorstep? If you’re away from your WiFi, can you be sure the conversation won’t crash? A stable connection is essential not just for convenience and reliability, but also to keep potential burglars guessing – are you at home or not? Deterrence is often a powerful defense.

We all use chat in our everyday lives and we know how stable and reliable it is. Answer your doorbell wherever you are in the world with Chatrbell.

Video doorbells are more expensive, take time to install and can be tampered with.

The Chatrbell doorbell (“Flare”) is placed on the inside of your property. It’s therefore weatherproof making it cheaper, protected and more reliable. It just sticks on your door – no installation necessary. Enjoy up to 3 years’ battery life with no need for WiFi or electrical connections.

The Chatrbell app is free to download. You can set up your ID in seconds. Then when you ring someone’s doorbell they see who you are.

Use your smartphone, or even better your smart watch to ring the doorbell. When you’re in range of a Flare you’ll see the residents’ IDs. If they’re a contact they’ll appear at the top.

Ring with your smartphone…

Lift up your phone. Press the green bell button. You’re ringing the door. So easy to give peace of mind and convenience to those you call upon.

…or even better, use your smart watch!

We are working on a smart watch version to make Chatrbell even easier!

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When you see who’s calling…

When someone rings your doorbell you get a notification on your smart device. You can send a positive or negative reply from your customized list of pre-set messages. With one click tell them “I’m on my way!” or “Sorry I’m busy!” Or initiate a live chat to find out more. You can be anywhere in the world and answer your door. Don’t even reveal if you’re home or away.

What about businesses and deliveries?

We’re working with business so they can use our software on their existing hardware. Their hand helds often support apps, meaning they can ring your Chatrbell doorbell with their Business Verified ID. You will know more than ever before that the person ringing your door is who they say they are. Not only that, but imagine cutting down time off work awaiting a delivery. The driver can chat you when he’s in your neighbourhood. Plus with Chatrbell you’ll minimize the chances of missing deliveries – ask them to deliver to a neighbour or sign remotely on the chat for smaller documents.

Chatrbell for Enterprise:

Simplifying the visitor process for businesses

Companies using shared offices can often find themselves answering the door to other people’s customers. With Chatrbell for Enterprise your customers and visitors can ring you or whoever they’re meeting directly and efficiently. They can log their visit with their name and company details with one easy click, meaning no need for paperwork at reception. Share files and meeting notes or simply tell them you’re delayed or on your way!

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